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5 Ways To Make Your Video More Engaging

You want an engaging video, but you don’t want to dish out the money to produce a video with all the bells and whistles to guarantee a captivated audience. We understand. Thankfully, there are still a lot of ways to put together a video that gets your message across while still managing to keep the attention of potential clients. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can hype up the engagement in your website’s business videos without the need for a hyped-up budget.

1. Originality

Zach King became a Youtube and Tiktok sensation due to his ability to make addictive videos that always feature some quirky magic-like trick. Once people see Zach King, they watch because they know they are going to see something they’ve never seen before. However, you don’t need his video editing skills to be intriguing, you just need his creativity. It doesn’t have to be flashy, so long as you show your audience something original, or at least an original take on an idea. Try putting a twist on a popular phrase or add your own style to a well-known trend. Anything, so long as it makes an idea stand out from what they’ve heard or seen before. If it looks like all the other videos they’ve watched, then you’ll just look like a rerun.

2. Curiosity

What’s a good way to get people curious? Just like that - you ask a question. People don’t like not knowing, even if it is something they don’t really care about. If you plant a question in their mind, some people will be hooked. It’s why we get mad when people keep secrets from us; it’s why we binge watch a show when the episodes have cliffhanger endings; and it’s why the girl will walk into the dark, creepy basement in a horror movie even when the audience tells her to run away. People want to know! Also, don’t forget you can activate your audience’s curiosity without a question. While it is a good way to get them hooked, there are other visual ways to grab their attention. Often this is done by presenting a tense scenario where something is about to happen. An old lady is in the middle of the road while a semi-truck is speeding toward her with no breaks. No question is verbally asked, but people are wondering what will happen. Will she get run over? Will a superhero save her? Or maybe she is the superhero who is there to save the driver? If people don’t keep watching, they’ll never know. People want answers. People want resolve. But if you don’t stir up their curiosity, they may not watch your video.

3. Humor

Humor is a great way to engage an audience, and you can still do so while maintaining a professional persona. While some businesses are fine with revealing a goofy side, such as Budweiser's infamous “Wassup?” commercials in the early 2000s, others take a dry humor approach, but either way, getting people to laugh doesn’t have to compromise your professionality. In fact, if anything, it could even reveal how well you know people and what they like. While you’ll need to make sure people stick around long enough for a punchline, if your brand gets a reputation for making people laugh, they’ll remember you and keep coming back.

4. Fast Pace

If your video is too slow, people will skip it (or fall asleep). If you want people to stay engaged in your video, you’ll need to pick up the pace. People’s attention spans are rapidly shrinking, so much so, that they will pay money to keep from having to watch 5-second advertisements on Youtube. If you don’t grab their attention by speeding things up, they may scroll right past the video you put so much effort and money into. The same way getting stuck behind a slow walker can be frustrating, people get frustrated watching a slow video that took two minutes to say what could have been said in 20 seconds. Short and sweet trumps long and boring. Don’t try to stretch things unless you’ve found another way to keep them engaged. Obviously, you don’t want to clash with your product, so if you are trying to sell a serene, relaxing vacation spot, a fast-paced video may not be the right approach.

5. Relatability

Who are you selling to? Put that demographic in the video. Trendy people like seeing new things, which is why they are always looking for the next trend. If you stick something (or someone) too dated in the video, they will lose interest. At the same time, if your target clientele is a bit older and could care less about what’s cool, they may not understand if you start referencing new things. People like themselves, and if they see people who are similar to themselves in a video, they’ll be more prone to keep watching. So never forget who your target is.

Engagement is essential for a good video. While there are many ways to engage your audience, making a video is no easy feat. Why is it difficult? Because it takes a team to do it. You need the creativity to think up a concept, a writer for the script, a marketing mind to ensure your brand is represented well, technical skills to film and edit, and you need the personalities to give a voice and face to the video. If you have the team, then do it. If you don’t, then that’s where we can help. Genovations Media has the crew you need to help make stunning videos for your marketing campaign.

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