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Site Health: Useful For SEO, But There's More To It Than That

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

What is Site Health?

Site Health is fairly self-explanatory: it is how well your website is working. Just like going to a doctor for a check-up to ensure your physical health is up to par, websites should undergo an inspection to analyze whether everything is functioning correctly. You might find minor issues or you may stumble upon some major ones. Similar to physical health, the more often it is cared for and maintained, the more likely you are to catch any threats before they become too serious.

Although, if it is only a small error here and there, is it really such a big deal? When it comes to website health, do not just think about staying alive, but instead view it as a training athlete. Don’t try to get by only doing the minimum. Your website needs to be at the top of its class if it wants search engines to drive traffic to your site. This is because search engines consider a website's optimization before recommending it. If it is not healthy, it’s not going to win the race.

How Website Health Affects Your Company Health

Google and other search engines do not want to send people to sites that are slow, glitchy, or full of errors. If they did, no one would use their search engine. That’s why when someone types a word in their search bar, they are looking to send you to the best websites that relate to what you want. So even if you have a stunning website that makes people’s mouth-water, if it has warnings and errors squirming beneath its surface, no one may ever even see it as it will likely rank fairly low on a search


A website could look simple at face value, but it is teeming with complex technical data which can make upkeep quite the chore. Depending on your company’s reliance on its website for new clients, it may be well worth the cost to invest in a company to audit your website and weed out any errors. Website maintenance may be an unending task, but consider your website’s security, janitorial service, and customer service. It can help protect, keep things functional, and ensure customer satisfaction.

When Being Audited Is A Good Thing

A site audit can be just what your website needs for search engines to send more traffic your way, and you don’t have to be worried, because it’s not performed by the IRS. A site audit lets you know the weaknesses your website has, alerting you of any errors or warnings that could sabotage your site's effectiveness. This could include issues such as defective links or web pages that take extra long to load. For a more comprehensive list of what these entail, check out SEMrush’s webpage on the issues that a site audit can identify.

There are plenty of online resources and even ways to perform certain checks yourself, however, if computers are not one of yo

ur strengths, it may be a task best left to the professionals. Because websites are crucial to your business, it’s better to not go cheap.

Unlike a handyman who you may only call if a problem arises, for SEO it is best to subscribe to a maintenance service that will continue to keep your website in good health so as to boost your chances of visitors to your site.

What to Look for

So you know you need to invest in SEO services to maintain the health of your website, but what exactly should you look for? One of the first things is a service that explains exactly what they will be doing. The more specific, the better. Cheap, generalized SEO services may not be checking for iss

ues you are dealing with, and could even be hoping to take advantage of you. Make sure to inquire what their packages offer, and choose the one that is best suited to your company’s needs.

If you are currently in the market for a solution to your website management, check out our SEO services here at Genovations Media. You get to choose from a variety of our monthly maintenance options to pick what is most fitting for your website (and your budget). Whether it’s site health or performance reports, backlink and content analysis, crawl-ability, index-ability, competitor traffic analysis, meta-description optimization, or one of the other services we offer, we have what it takes to boost optimization and increase your website traffic and health. You may be closer than you think to a healthy website.

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