Site Health: Useful For SEO, But There's More To It Than That

Updated: Apr 5

What is Site Health?

Site Health is fairly self-explanatory: it is how well your website is working. Just like going to a doctor for a check-up to ensure your physical health is up to par, websites should undergo an inspection to analyze whether everything is functioning correctly. You might find minor issues or you may stumble upon some major ones. Similar to physical health, the more often it is cared for and maintained, the more likely you are to catch any threats before they become too serious.

Although, if it is only a small error here and there, is it really such a big deal? When it comes to website health, do not just think about staying alive, but instead view it as a training athlete. Don’t try to get by only doing the minimum. Your website needs to be at the top of its class if it wants search engines to drive traffic to your site. This is because search engines consider a website's optimization before recommending it. If it is not healthy, it’s not going to win the race.

How Website Health Affects Your Company Health