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Design T-Shirts

Ordering Promotional

5 - 7 Business Days

1-2 Days

7-14 Business Days

1-2 Days

Merch Process Overview

*Quickest rush turnaround is 6 business days in total for ordering, design & print, which is subject to availability & approval,  wholesale merch order processing time can vary depending on product. 

Need it faster?

Let us take care of your full Merch Order!
We'll handle the file prep, printer correspondence, ordering, delivery & more for a 30% Concierge Fee. All Merch Orders require a CC upon estimate approval to process the order in Three increments: Garment, Print, and Design.

We tell all of our clients that you can always take your printer-ready files and get things printed ANYWHERE YOU WANT. However, our concierge service ensures the technical details are taken care of and your items arrive exactly how you want them. Get exclusive access to our wholesale pricing, dedicated team, mockup service, and more. 


Prep Your Design

Tee Shirts


Corporate Attire

Promo Items

Garment Costs

These prices are set by the wholesalers and can be reduced by ordering large quantities or choosing popular brands instead of designer brands. 

(Availability of Items is not guaranteed)

Print Costs

Each color and location requires a new screen. These screen fees add to the total print costs. You can reduce print costs by printing fewer colors or in fewer locations.

(See the chart below for a breakdown of print costs)

Design Costs

Printers have standards for artwork that they must work with. Someone has to prep the artwork for printing. If Genovations designs your art we give you a printer-friendly file every time. 

Ordering Costs

We charge a 30% ordering concierge fee when ordering merch, but you are always able to order your promotional products yourself. Regardless of who does the ordering be prepared to pay for shipping. 


Get a Quote / Determine Costs

We are not trying to hide anything from you in terms of costs. But there are a lot of technical considerations that have an impact on the final cost of your merchandise. This equation breaks it down for you.

Printing Equation.png

Production time is 5-7 Business Days for printing alone, Depending on the season. This does not include the time required for artwork preparation. 

Ink Color Changes (per garment) if using same design: $10/Color.

Rush Charges (If Available. "Days" are business days) 

5 Days - 20%

4 Days - 30%

3 Days - 40%

2 Days - 50%

Orders placed after 12pm are counted as the next business day.

50% Deposit is due prior to order the balance is due prior to receiving the items.

Other Terms and Conditions

The prices listed above do NOT include the cost of the garment, the design fees, or the Print Concierge Service Charge.

The prices listed above are for standard inks only. Puff, Glitter, or Metallics will incur a 20% surcharge. 


1 Color = 1 Color in 1 Location ( For Example 1 color on the front + 1 color on the back = 2 color print)


Printing any color that is lighter than the garment color requires an additional color. 

We reserve the right to bill & deliver 2% under the quantity ordered. Spoilage/damage rate of 2% or 3 pieces customer is responsible for. *Manufacturer defects not included in spoilage rate: Damage claims must be made within 5 Business Days, Garments are counted 3x before leaving the print facility, their count is considered the final count.

Print + Concierge Cost Breakdown

Calculating the cost of a print requires you to consider several factors all at once. The three main factors that weigh the heaviest on print costs are the Number of Colors, the Number of Locations being printed, and the number of garments. The chart below shows how these prices break down. 1 color = 1 color in 1 location adding a second location is the same as adding a second color

Institute Crewneck (1).png

Get Your Merch, and Enjoy!

Processing time after submitting your merch order to print is roughly 7-14 Business Days

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