A Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

Updated: Feb 11

A beginner's guide to email marketing hits some of the most important topics a person should know before launching into the world of email marketing.

Email Types

Companies use email marketing for a number of different purposes. The first requirement if you are going to start generating emails is to decide what kind of campaign are you wanting to run. Making this determination will create for you the framework for generating content, setting up your CMS and scheduling your delivery. Below we have listed 6 of the most common types of email.

  1. Welcome Emails – Set up an automated email that welcomes new customers or subscribers when they join a list.

  2. Reminder Emails – Set up automated emails that get sent to customers to remind them of upcoming important dates, like service due dates for their car, or that their payment plan is expiring.

  3. VIP Offer Emails – You can set up emails that automatically send a series of special offers to your clients best customers once they’ve reached VIP status by reaching a certain spending threshold, or another trigger you define.

  4. Lead Nurturing Emails – Set up a series of automated emails that get sent to people who make an inquiry about your client’s products or services, educating them on why they need what your client offers and increasing the chance they’ll become paying customers.

  5. Event Reminder Emails – Set up a series of automated emails in the days leading up to a specific event being organized by your client, reminding attendees that the event is coming up and increasing the chances they’ll attend.

  6. Abandon Cart Emails - Set up in conjunction with your store Abandon Cart emails entice potential customers back to your store to close out the sale. Many stores offer an additional discount coupon to seal the deal, however this is not requirement. Sometimes the convenience of picking up where you left off is all a customer needs to check out.