Why Video is Essential to Growing Your Business and How to get started with it.

Updated: Apr 5

Attention Span Under Attack

There is always so much (arguably too much) happening on the internet at any given moment, and with people’s ever-shortening attention spans, it’s all too easy for people to pass by your website or social media post without ever giving it a second thought. Whether it is the unrelenting bombardment of ads and spam or the clickbait littered throughout websites, getting people to stay still on the internet is no easy matter.

Is Video Worth It?

Admittedly, throwing text and images on a background is simpler than orchestrating the various technical and artistic complexities needed to master video and audio. Images are nice, but if you are trying to capture the attention of an internet user scrolling by or hoping someone browsing the web won’t up your bounce rate, then you will need to consider finding something more engaging than mere pictures. A statistic by Biteable reports that “74% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than static imagery.” If that’s the case, video-marketing might be the key your business needs to improve their marketing strategy. Videos are great for SEO as they show a variety of content on a webpage. So if you are

looking to up your SEO rating, videos can help take you there, as not only do they add content, but they will also help with your dwell time.