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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Blog Writer

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a saying which only holds true in limited situations; if it were always true, I’d just post a couple of pictures here and save you the time and energy of reading. The truth is, if you want attention, your business is going to need a writer who can help convey what you need to say in the tone you want to say it in and do so consistently. One of the best ways a writer can be utilized is by writing blogs for your business. It may seem like a big investment for something that can seem a bit trite, but it is an integral part of your presence in the digital world.

You may think your business’s website is great, but the more important question is, are potential customers excited about your website? You may never know if you don’t have the content to draw them into your site. Blog posts are a great way to reel people in by posting relevant content that grabs their interest. Consistent posts are the beating heart of your business’s website, and if you go too long without posting anything, it could look to others like you’re flatlining. However, to create content, you’ll need a blog writer, and if you aren’t convinced, then take a look at these six reasons why you should hire a blog writer for your business.

6 Reasons to Hire a Blog Writer

1. Blogs Help with SEO

A well written blog is going to boost your SEO. From its structure to its thorough content to including all the right keywords, there are plenty of SEO considerations on a writer’s checklist they review before they let it be published. Because of this effort, the web page’s optimization will rank higher meaning you are more likely to get views. If you don’t go through the work of optimization, then you may have written in vain.

When it comes to SEO, one of the most important things to aim for is original content. AI writing software is great, but one thing they can’t do is produce original thoughts. So, even if you do go the route of signing up for an AI software subscription so you can pump out more articles, you’ll still need a writer’s touch to shape what it produces into something which appropriately reflects your company.

2. Blogs Generate Traffic

More articles on more topics means more chances for more traffic. Think of a blog post like a fishing line, and your content as the bait. The more lines you have out with a variety of catchy titles trying to bait them, the more likely you are to get a catch. Someone will click on an article that interests them, and now you’ve got them hooked. Eventually, the goal is to reel them into being a paying customer, but even site visitors who spend enough time on your pages can help boost your SEO score and thus increase your chances of more visitors to your site. Not all blog posts will generate a lot of traffic, but by continuing to post, you increase your chances. Don’t get discouraged if within the first year you are still not seeing a lot of traffic, as it often takes consistent posts over time before a blog starts to see some success.

3. Blogs Give You Content

If you have a company blog writer, they will be producing articles regularly. This means, you will have content to post to your social media sites. Every time a blog is written, you announce it and let people know they need to go to your site because you have another attention-worthy post. By continually posting new content, you become a resource to your customers and could more easily get people to sign up for your marketing emails or follow you on social media.

4. Blogs Boost Brand Awareness

The more content you are posting to your website or social media accounts, the more likely you are to get some new views by people who have never heard of your business before. You may post a blog which answers the exact question a person was searching for, and because you did so, more people now know about your brand. The more you post, the more you are getting your name out there. The more people see your logo on yet another fantastic post, the more likely you are to stick in their minds.

5. Blogs are Good for Brand Image

More than just brand awareness, blogs can also help make your name more reputable. Delivering well-written, useful content which suits people’s interests, is an investment into making your brand look good. People find new websites everyday based on their search interests, and when they find a reliable resource that has just what they need, they don’t forget. You leave a good impression on them when you give them the info they are looking for. Along with that, having a talented writer on your team turns every published post into an opportunity for your brand to shine. Depending on your business and what you are shooting for, a writer can ensure your brand is represented well by providing eye-catching titles, helpful content, and original takes on ideas. Any innovative thought, practical advice, or memorable wit will leave a good impression on those who come across your company’s blog.

6. Blogs can Build Client’s Trust

It’s hard for potential clients to know who to trust when there are lots of competitors. Blogging can give people a window into the way your company thinks and operates. The information you post through your blogs can set you apart from the competition by establishing yourself as a trusted resource. When the time comes for them to search for businesses in line with your good or service, your name will be the first that comes to mind.

If you need some proof that people actually read blogs, then realize you’ve already gotten to the end of this article. And If you need some ideas of where you can hire a blog writer, then realize you’re already on the right website. Genovations Media is one of Nashville’s finest media companies, and we offer writing services for businesses who want to outsource their blog and content writing. Check out the details under our web-design packages.


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