How To Make Your Business Website Stand Out

Every business is different, and what will cause one website to stand out may not work for another. You have to be able to flow with the trends, while at the same time not get lost looking like everyone else. But how do you ensure you stand out, and if you do stand out, how can you be sure your business is standing out in a good way? Below are some ideas along with some questions to consider to make sure your business’s website has what it needs to stay ahead of the game and not get lost in the crowd.

Know Your Competitors

If you want to get ahead of your competitors in the design and marketing of your website, you have to know what they are doing. Keep your friends close but your competitors closer. If their website is clearly superior to yours, then figure out why. What features do they have that yours is lacking? Is it their brilliant branding design that makes their website shine? Is it the engaging way the website draws in the viewer? Is it the amount of blogs and videos strung throughout the site? Is it their practical content that draws the reader in? You have to be able to determine exactly what the strength of their website is, and figure out what they have that you are lacking.

Questions to Consider:

● Why am I visiting this site rather than another? (Is it what the search engine brought you, did it come up through a backlink from another website, is it such a well-known brand you searched for it specifically, what drew you into that site?)

What was your first impression of the site? How did it shape the way you think about their company? How did the website reflect its product or values?

How engaging is their site and why? How long did you stay on the site? What links did you click or what videos did you watch? What did you find interesting about their site?

What does their site have that yours does not? Sure, mood and color schemes may be different, but what features do they have that yours does not? What features work well for them, that could also work well for your site?