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Free Logo Generator Websites vs. Graphic Designers: What’s Right For You?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

You may be asking yourself, “With great free logo generator websites, am I finally allowed to throw out the socially awkward graphic designer we keep in the basement?” and I’m here to tell you - no (or at least not yet). We’re not hating on free logo design websites (or graphic designers), in fact, logo generators can come up with some pretty cool designs. For people who don’t have the time, the money, the energy, or the eye, free logo generators are a great way to get quick, nice-looking logos which can save you the cost, and sometimes stress, of hiring a graphic designer.

But before you go and toss your graphic designer out the nearest window, there are a few things you should consider - the first and most important being that no algorithm or generator can so easily replace the mind of an artist. So, while there are occasions where these free logo generator websites may come in quite handy, if you are starting a business, you and your company will be happier with the result of a graphic designer. Here’s why:

Graphic Artists are More Creative than Mix-and-Match Generators:

You want your business to stand out and be unique, so don’t choose a generator that only uses common shapes, fonts, and icons. The creativity in your logo is what will make people remember it. Generic icons are easily forgettable, and because the colors are generated by what is trendy, you may end up with something that looks nice, but will blend in with all the other generated logos out there.

When you hire graphic designers you do so to get something that will stand out, not blend in. After all, you don’t want to invest in a logo, only find out it looks the same as all your competitors. You need to set yourself apart from the crowd, and you won’t be able to do so if you get computer-generated logos.

Graphic Designers' Logos are more Personal

Sure, your business name is in a slick font with a pretty color, but something about that generated logo doesn’t quite feel like its the proper fit for your business. But how could it? They are generic designs intended to be close enough to what a business might want. It wasn’t designed with you in mind.

Any decent graphic designer will be able to out-design a free logo website any day of the week (even on a Monday). Why? Because the websites only mix and match various icons, fonts, and colors, while a graphic designer is going to be able to use their creative minds to add features to the design which these algorithms just aren’t able to. Obviously, there’s going to be some cool looking icons on these sites, because after all, graphic designers made them. However, they made them without knowing what it would be used for, and thus it will likely be lacking certain aesthetic qualities that would set it apart.

Logos are the cornerstone of your branding, and one of the most essential components of your marketing, so it’s not something you want to settle for less on. It’s your business, and it will reflect you. Using the cheap and easy route could reflect poorly on your business if you’re not careful.

Light shine candles brand design
Light shine candles brand design

Graphic Designers give you more than just a smart logo

When you try to shortcut your way around hiring a professional graphic designer, you may run into more issues than you realize. Graphic designers can help you develop a branding kit to ensure that your company is able to visually represent itself well to the public. They will give you color schemes, sizing tips, and the do’s and don'ts of showing off the logo they create for you. Whether it's emails, brochures, or templates you’ll use for social media, a graphic designer can help set guidelines to ensure your company’s aesthetic is up to par. Generated logos can only go so far.

Graphic Designers do their research, so that you don't run into issues

A professional Graphic Designer knows just how important demographic, competitor, and industry research is for your company. After all, you don't want a logo that simply doesn't convey that you are a professional Dentist, or Contractor, or Shop, do you? Generators simply aren't taking into consideration what communicates the best message about your brand in your industry. Furthermore, they aren't concerned about legalities connected to your logo. You could run into copyright issues, trademark issues, and more if you use quick-bait iconography from an artist that didn't release it for that use. It may not even be worth it to risk the grey area of art usages in pre-made "freebie" logo generators.

Don't forget, we're here to help.

If you or someone you know is looking for some design help, have them give us a call at our Nashville office or email We have a team of professional designers who can hook you up with the unique, professionally curated logo your business needs to get your company started off on the right foot.

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