The Great Debranding: a look at Bloomberg’s recent video on the simplified logo design trend

If you are into digital design trends, then you have likely already seen Bloomberg Opinion’s recent video featuring Ben Schott. If you haven’t, then go ahead and check it out: “Debranding is the Hip New Branding.” Although short, it artistically captures and dissects the recent business trend to “debrand.” Many multi-billionaire dollar companies have debranded their logos, simplifying them by cutting back on the depth and details, often whittling it down to its basic shapes and colors.

Schott explains the historical flow of branding trends, and the role technology played throughout the rise and now fall of 3D logos. While back in the day most everything was designed in 2D, but with the progress of design software allowing for more showy 3D logos, many companies jumped on board. Although now, logos need to be recognized on small mobile devices, often crammed into a square app box, and thus many companies are returning to simpler designs.

However, this simplification can open a door of possibilities for certain companies who dabble in a variety of products or venues. Schott used the Warner Brothers’ debranding example to reveal the flexibility simplification can bring. While they may have stripped some of the elements of their world-renowned 3D gold design, it allowed for the logo to better adapt to different genres and platforms. But the important question we should be asking is whether or not you and your business should jump on this debranding trend. You may not be a multi-million dollar company (or maybe you are), but if these big businesses are doing it, maybe there’s something to it.