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When Should Your Start-Up Begin Investing in Quality Media?

The Importance of Media for a Business

If you're a small business owner with little-to-no video, photography, or design collateral about your company, we know you’ve been considering taking the step to invest in media. In today’s internet-addicted age, it’s hard to run a successful marketing campaign with no media. Is it a big step? Yes. But is it worth it? Definitely. People live a big part of their life in the digital world, and this to a great degree affects their decisions as consumers. If you don’t have quality videos and photos about your business on social media sites, as well as your own website, then you may be unwittingly limiting your potential client base.

With so much business happening online, it’s no longer just the physical presence that people consider when legitimizing a business in their mind: it’s your digital presence. Media for a new business is somewhat of a catch-22, similar to work experience: in order to get work experience you need a job, but in order to get a job you need work experience. Same with good media for a start-up business. You need to be bringing in good business to make good media, but you need good media to help bring in good business.

Don't Miss Opportunities to Show What Your Company Can Do

If your business is still going through big changes, you may decide to wait until things level out. You don’t want to spend the effort and money on video coverage of your company’s culture or direction only for it to change a couple times throughout the course of a year. But at the same time, you never want to miss out on an opportunity to show the world what you are capable of, even if certain technicalities are still being worked out.

The wonderful thing about video footage, is that so long as you hold onto it, it can be worked into future videos. In businesses where you are able to capture your skills and talents on camera, take every opportunity to do so even if you may not necessarily be at a place where you are trying to push your video marketing. If an order gets placed at your bakery for an exquisite, king-sized wedding cake, get video of you making it. If your restaurant has been rented out for a party, get some pictures. If your construction company is installing the roof on a three-story home, get drone footage of it. Posed shots can be taken any time, but if there is an opportunity to record some genuine media of what your company can do, don't let it pass you by.

Quality is the Key

However, if your business is ready to show the world what you can do, then the simple answer to when you should invest in media is “right now.” Quality media legitimizes your business in the eyes of the consumer, and shows them your business is who they say they are. This in turn gives potential customers the confidence they may need to take the step and try your service or product. They know others are doing it, so they want to see what they may be missing out on. Internet users love video, and if your website lacks the dynamics video can add, then it’s time to get the cameras rolling and fill your website and social media accounts with videos that prove to the world all the great things your business is capable of.

Videos, and photos of your business as well as design collateral are key elements to take your business to the next level. Even if it is not for international marketing and will only be seen by those who visit your store or social media accounts, media is essential to establishing your brand's professional image. However, you do need to ensure your videos reflect the quality you want your business associated with, which is why we recommend hiring professionals who make your media their job. If you are in the Nashville area and are looking for a media company to get some footage of your business, then check out what Genovations Media can do for you. With skilled photographers, videographers, editors, and designers, we can get you the media you need to succeed.


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