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How to Capture Viewers with your Social Media & Vlog Content

One of the big issues vloggers and content creators face is generating content. Most content creators have their niche or topic which they specialize in: travel, sports, video games, movie reviews, top 10 lists, current events, business tips, exercise, cooking, language learning, etc. The list is almost unending; there are vlogs about blogs (and blogs about vlogs), and even vlogs about how to vlog. Vloggers have their field which they are interested and usually skilled in, but then must learn a new skill of video production in order to get their vlog from an endearing hobby to a profitable business. Thankfully, we live in the age of information where we can learn the basics of most crafts from the internet.

To make it big as a vlogger, you don’t have to go where no vlogger has gone before, but you do need to stand on the shoulders of giants. Your content doesn’t have to be anything radically new or unseen, but you do want to learn from those who have gone before you and try to reach even higher. Just like the skyscraper technique for backlinks when blog writing, you want to try to include what others have already done and then add some more, or compile info from multiple sources and be more extensive, or more fully cover certain aspects of your topic. This will not only give you an advantage over other videos, but will establish your channel as a reputable source in your genre. Give the details others may leave out, so people come to you to get what they want to know.

Where Should You Be Focusing Your Time?

However, this means you’ll need to do your homework and ensure you are giving your viewers fresh material full of the content they want to see. Pre-production will include a lot of preparation, whether it is gathering information and materials or planning out step-by-step how you’ll execute your video. This is where your skills and knowledge in your niche are key to figuring out how you’ll go about covering your topic in the style you believe is best. While you’ll definitely want to take into consideration some of the audio/visual technicalities, your focus during this stage will be deciding what content to include and how you’ll be presenting it.

When you move into production, it will be a fair mix of both knowing your topic and knowing the technical side of vlogging. You are in charge of what is happening both on screen and behind the cameras. You then move from production to post-production, where now little knowledge of the niche is needed as you will primarily be working on the technical side of the vlogging process.

Depending on your vlog topic and your editing skill level, post-production can sometimes be more time consuming than the filming process. While there are plenty of great software to help you put together some amazing videos, you better be prepared to clock some hours. You may spend three hours recording yourself baking and decorating a cake, but then spend four or more hours editing video clips, adding text, links, background music and transitions, finding sound clips or animations to insert, uploading to your platform, etc. You will obviously get quicker in time, but some parts of post-production just can’t be rushed. Some have even estimated that it can take up to an hour of editing per 1-minute of video.

Need More Time for Content Creation? Outsourcing May Be Your Answer

If you plan on consistently uploading videos (which you should if you’re trying to get subscribers), you are going to need to get ahead of the game, so that you have something to post in case the video you are currently working on is not done in time. However, with all that goes into creating a quality vlog, you may need some help. If you plan on establishing yourself as a serious vlogger, you’ll need to consider the possibility of outsourcing your post-production work, especially once your videos start to see some success. With your focus on quality content, you won’t be able to also work on quality video editing, however, you need both for subscribe-worthy videos.

If you or a vlogger you know is looking to outsource their vlog’s post-production, then hit us up with a message. Our professional video editors may be just what you need to take your vlog to the next level. You can email us here, or give us a call at our Nashville office.


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