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Strategic Design Captures the Creative Soul of a Luxury Photography Brand.


Sowing Clover Photography had a wonderful word-of-mouth reputation and skyrocketing clientele, but there was a self-professed disconnect between the professionalism of their photography and the elegance of their brand.


We met with the founder of Sowing Clover Photography for numerous face-to-face meetings. Together we formed an in-depth directive for the image he wanted Sowing Clover to embody. In the end, we were able to capture his company's mission, it's creative soul, and define a target market through our strategy-led approach. The final result embodied the balance of creativity, sophistication, and luxury he'd always wanted to see in his logo.


Sowing Clover

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Graphic Design, Strategic Target-Market Research, In-person consult, Web Redesign, SEO Integration, Graphic Design, Full Brand Book

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