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Wade (Smart AV's Founder) is a renowned entrepreneur and leader in the field of Audio Visual Installation here in Nashville. He knows that, to his clients, Smart AV is perceived as a clean, sophisticated, and respectable AV installation company. Our challenge was to create a logo that communicated these same values with a modern "tech" vibe. Once the Logo was created the Smart AV website needed to match the same aesthetic. With plans to offer subscription based services in the very near future Smart AV's website had to be built on a platform that could handle it.


Both the logo and website now reflect the modern technology implemented into every Smart AV installation. This company installs high-end electronics in ways that are tastefully hidden in plain sight, so as a nod to this effort, the word "art" is subtly hidden within the logo. The website uses clean yet sophisticated icons to capture the attention of their target market, and we were able to roll out the subscription service for them upon the launch of the website. From business card to website, the Smart AV brand hits all the marks.


Smart AV

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Graphic Design, Strategic Target-Market Research, In-person consult, Website Design, Website Development, SEO, Graphic Design, Logo, Full Brand Book

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